Infrastructure to enable SSL@Home

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Infrastructure to enable SSL@Home

Postby broot74 » June 27th, 2017, 9:37 am

Hello everyone,

I'm wondering if I just got a good fresh idea or not.

My problem is that I would like to be able to secure the web interfaces I have @Home for various projects with SSL (HTTPS indeed). I need it for various reasons (confidentiality, browsers requirying HTTPS for some functions like webcam and service workers, ...).

The limitations I face:
- I don't want to expose most of these webservers on the Internet so that I can link them to a public domain name and assign them the corresponding certificate (they are not meant for it and probably not secured enough or even too sensitive)
- I don't want to rely on self-signed certificates (because it is not satisfying to explain to my wife she should trust a message saying the system is not secured, and because I don't want to deploy certificate authorities on all my devices - I find it even too "relectant" for the usual hacker)

My idea would be to mix multiple existing technologies (split-horizon DNS, Let's Encrypt free certificates, local DHCP + DNS server) to implement this on a tiny device (e.g. Raspberry Pi). I know it is probably technical feasible, but I wonder if it makes any sense for any other person than me.

Thumbs up? Already implemented somewhere?

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