Advice: what parts would you like?

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Advice: what parts would you like?

Postby glaskows » July 13th, 2016, 10:51 pm

Hi gals and guys,

First, I will briefly present myself, my name is George Laskowsky, and I am a professional game developer and a hobbyist tinkerer. I live at a Latin American country which has a very poor selection of electronic shops, and most of them are rather expensive or under stocked. Me and a friend has been talking lately about opening one of our own to best them all, but that would be only the very first step. Our goal is to foster the nascent diy communities around it, to be the number one place for all the hackers, hobbyist, professionals and curious people to hang around.

But first things first, I would like to ask you for help. I want to hear your opinion about what would you like such a store to have in order to be the one place you would always visit, both as actual parts you usually need to buy (imagine yourself unable to order online, which is kind of true in our case given the long shipping times) and as services you would need or want.

Also, any other thoughts about this idea are happily received.

Thanks you Hackaday community,
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