Calculating Power Requirements (General: Submersible)

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Calculating Power Requirements (General: Submersible)

Postby mande01 » July 11th, 2016, 9:48 am


I'm trying to figure out how much power I need for "x"?

Specifically I'm looking at a submersible similar to Sea Perch ROV from MIT, but i want to know how I figure out how much power I would need?

Anyone here know the math I should be looking up?

The reason I say "x" is because I also have another project that I'm going to try.
An RC 4x4 that has electric motor for drive, battery, generator, electric start 2 stroke engine,
I hope to make this from off the shelf parts, i.e.
Drive motor, car alternator, strimmer engine, RC motor to start strimmer(?)

But again from a paper work perspective I would like to know where to go to research the power requirements and try sizing everything correctly.


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