Vigek Smoke Alarm - WiFi connected, get Real-time view and a

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Vigek Smoke Alarm - WiFi connected, get Real-time view and a

Postby sunsj » March 3rd, 2016, 8:48 pm

Vigek smoke alarm ( is an industry-first smoke alarm that is connected to the network via WIFI, real-time monitoring of smoke. When it detects the smoke above a certain threshold,the Vigek will send an alert to your phone as well as sounding an alarm at the scene. The camera will also activate, and transmit photos from the alert zone to your mobile device. Never worry about False Alarms again!

Audio visual alarm
The Vigek smoke alarm has all the features of a normal smoke alarm. Once its industrial-grade smoke sensor detects certain amounts of smoke, the piercingly loud 85 dB alarm alerts anyone physically near of the potential danger.

Sends alerts to mobile devices
The bonus functionality of the Vigek truly shines when you are away from you home. when the alarm rings at the scene,the Vigek will also send alerts to you phone at the same time.You will always be aware of potential house danger,even when you are thousands of miles away.

Transmits pictures live
The Vigek smoke alarm contains a camere.Once the alarm is triggered,it will automatically begin taking photos of the area in which it’s placed and send them to you phone.This lets you determine whether the alert it is a false alarm or not,and act accordingly.

Multi-user alarm
One can’t always be focus on the phone. So it’s natural that you might worry about missing an alarm. Don’t worry! One Vigek Smoke Alarm can be connected to multiple mobile phones.In case of emergency,the alarm will push messages and the photo stream to all associated phones.You and your family can work together to maintain the family’ safety.

When you install one or more Vigek smoke alarms in your home, they work independently of each other.You can control them all from one Vigek smoke alarm app, which can be downloaded from Google Play or at the top of the page.

· Product size ------------- Ф100mm×33mm
· Voltage -------------------- DC 9V
· Sensor type -------------- Photoelectric smoke sensor
· Camera ------------------- 30W pixels
· Alarm loudness --------- >85db
· Temperature ------------- -10℃~+55℃
· Wireless ------------------ WiFi 2.4GHZ b/g/n
· Humidity ------------------ ≤95%
· Monitor current ---------- 154uA
· Materials & Colors ----- ABS porcelain white
· Alarm current ------------ 85mA
· Scope of application --- Indoor
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