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Re: Creating Hackerspaces

Postby n0lkk » February 17th, 2013, 6:28 pm

tom61 wrote: ...For both, you'd have a pass-along possibility to spouses that might be more into what you have in mind (I'm guessing electronics)...

Yes my chosen user name does reveal what has been a primary interest since what passed as middle school in the parochial school I attended, but my interests are eclectic. While physical limitations now hamper what I now can do, I was a fairly accomplished jack of all trades master of none. One area of interest I see locally is a warm place to do motor vehicle engine work during the Winter months even even if it may be limited to simply tear down, and assembly.
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Re: Creating Hackerspaces

Postby TheZuke! » February 21st, 2013, 9:46 am

I'm guessing you are ham radio dude (dudette?)
Your "local" ham radio club is about the closest thing to a group of hackers.
Since ham radio is usually in good standing with the local governments,
you might have leverage through one in building such a "creativity incubator"
(I'm ripping off the idea of "business incubators" that were gaining popularity
a few years ago before The Internet changed everything.)
Being in W. Kansas doesn't mean there is nothing around for miles,
but in your case it might be so. I mean a lot of small towns (though you may live in prospering city like Colby B^)
often have unused/closed storefronts/shops not collecting revenue for anybody (including local property taxes).
A small town government might be open to providing such a place or easing red tape to get a private venue open.
If interested people "loan" equipment and furniture, and a decent set of "by-laws" i.e. how this space is to be used, safety concerns, who may use the place, and some usage fees or membership dues (to help pay for utilities and such)
As mentioned, get a lot of info from existing hackerspaces on how to get set up. Maybe get the local school board involved,
(shop teachers, students workers, science fairs, FFA, 4H, etc.)
The "city attorney" could review the legal papers of existing hackerspaces and adapt for the local situation.

I for one, am contributing in a small way to a local space that is getting off the ground. The owners don't want it to be a dumping ground for boat anchors and such, but I'm willing to bring in some of my test equipment or shop tools for general use or individual projects as well as donate materials for consumption (parts, solder, raw stock, etc.)
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Re: Creating Hackerspaces

Postby n0lkk » March 12th, 2013, 1:02 am

Any small town that tries to be anything has a recreational commission, when I create a document placed on the web explaining what I have in mind, I will contact community leaders in the groups you mention to direct them to the document to get their feedback. Yes I am an amateur radio operator, and do attend the meetings of nearby clubs both of them. I'm about an hour away from Colby in Rooks County, so Colby is further into Western KS than my location. Actually Hays KS Pop.~20K 4 year university, satellite campus for the North Central Kansas Technical College is 30 minutes away. Colby with a Community College has a population of ~5K. The nearest with a Pop. ~48 K is Salina big "city" with the better Technical College and a Kansas State University Satellite campus is an hour away. My preference is that I can get the recreation commissions in the county interested, failing that I'll attempt to see how many individuals would be interested in creating a hackerspace. Either way I don't want to overstate the difficulty or understate it. Thanks for taking the time to comment in good luck with your local efforts.
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Re: Creating Hackerspaces

Postby n0lkk » September 29th, 2013, 8:23 pm

Hello- Today when doing a search for hackerspaces in Kansas I came across what I believe is a good pitch to librarians as to why and how they can support hacker spaces, and the maker movement. I also believe this video could be an excellent resource in general for those looking to create a hackerspace in their community. Please visit Hackerspaces 101: How to Take Over the World
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Re: Creating Hackerspaces

Postby shivshankar001 » February 13th, 2017, 5:59 am

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Re: Creating Hackerspaces

Postby shreejipacker01 » January 17th, 2018, 5:07 am

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