Bluewraith's grand intro!

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Bluewraith's grand intro!

Postby bluewraith » January 26th, 2011, 7:02 am

Well, not so much grand.. more like micro.

Anyways the only thing anybody cares about are jobs and hobbies, so I'll just list those.

Full time:
Inventory Supervisor for WIS International. Basically I tell people where to go and what to count in Walmart during an inventory. Pretty sweet gig for a management position

Part time:
To get away from the corporate world and regain sanity, I'm also a Firefighter with Hazardous Materials certifications. I'm at my best when others are at their worst.

They've changed a lot over the years. I've dabbled in HTML, VB, building computers, throwing wrenches, welding, woodwork, soldering, basically anything that requires my hands. I like to tinker and keep busy. Right now I'm into microcontrollers, specifically Arduino and AVR, but I'd like to get into PIC sometime. Most of my projects are small and don't take more then an afternoon to dream up and make. If I'm not buried by datasheets then I'm usually just sitting around watching TV or out with my girlfriend who also happens to be a geek. Shes more into the Chemistry side of things though. I once had somebody tell us that if we have kids, thats how gods are born. Between a tech geek and a bio geek. I'm scared to think of what may happen if we have kids..
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