My name is Jeff Wallin

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My name is Jeff Wallin

Postby JeffWallin » January 26th, 2011, 12:42 am

Ive been hacking things ever since I can remember. I started when i was 7 opening up my casio keyboard and poking the circuit board with my bare hands to make different effects... :roll:

When I was 10 I started experimenting with model rockets, even attempting to design my own. (it blew up) :D

When I was 15 I got into the Xbox modding scene. I ruined quite a few when i was first learning. Now of course you can softmod one in 15 minutes given you have a memory card and a usb cable.

I got into winding my own pickups and building amps when i was 17, of course there were failed attempts; I still have my first ever try, a homemade bass pickup that works better as a microphone than anything else. :lol:

Now im into custom guitars and refurbishing old synthesizers. Its funny how things seem to go full circle.

The main thing I can always remember is, Ive been visiting hack a day for what seems like forever. Now i know it wasn't up when i was seven, but i feel like this place has been a huge role in my upbringing.

Ive been proven wrong and made to look like a fool here more than once, and I am glad it happened.

Now i am glad to be what i think will become the best forum on the internet.

Jeff Wallin
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