new parametric search engine for analog IC

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new parametric search engine for analog IC

Postby Alexander » August 5th, 2014, 6:53 am

is new, small and independent parametric search engine for analog IC. We focus on a few product segments but those segments can be searched in great detail. We show also IC from small and niche manufacturer. We show also products which are not necessarily available at the large distributors or sample warehouses but usually are available directly at the IC manufacturer.

Currently 60+ IC manufacturer are available for search with up to 30+ parameters per segment. All parameters can be independently selected, sorted and ranked, including rare ones like:
- typical inductor size
- peak efficiency
- number of external components
- special qualifications like automotive AEC-Q100, military or space.

We enabled special functions which should save an engineers time like:
- side-by-side product comparison of up to 5 products, manual or from the parametric search
- product replacement search (currently beta version)
- dynamic 1-page overviews with up to 35 parameters per product all on a single page

The following segments are available for search:
- DC/DC Converter IC
- DC/DC LED Driver IC
- DC/DC Controller IC
- A/D and D/A Data Converter IC
- Reference IC

Please take a look, test us and help with feedback.

best regards,
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