CNC protype service. Laser cutting and 5 axis milling.

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CNC protype service. Laser cutting and 5 axis milling.

Postby cnc5axiscut » May 14th, 2014, 1:09 pm

I offer cnc prototype service.Serial work is also possible.
Worldwide shipping to any country.

Material: any ferrous and nonferrous metals,plastics and wood.
Number of axes cnc milling center: 5 axis

Laser cutting any ferrous and nonferrous metals (Maximum thickness 20 mm for steel.)
Wire EDM cnc machine processing.
Finishing: painting, polishing, electroplating and other.

Detail size : any
Minimal order: 1 piece.
Format for drawing: Any digital format. Better SolidWorks or AutoCad.
Shipping: Worldwide (EMS,DHL or other postal service)
Payment: any

Please contact:

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