Job/Career for a passionate hardware hacker

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Job/Career for a passionate hardware hacker

Postby recruitskillz » April 21st, 2014, 8:53 pm

Title: Job/Career for a passionate hardware hacker

We are a data recovery and computer forensic investigative firm specializing in the recovery of data from malfunctioning hard drives, flash memory devices, Cell phones, RAID arrays and other digital storage solutions. In addition Data Analyzers provides digital forensic analysis and investigative services to aid in litigation and private matters.

We are currently looking for a skilled and ambitious individual to join our team. If you are a passionate hardware hacker or inspire to be one, if you don’t care for corporate politics and don’t care for having your creativity restrained, but are driven to solve problems and advance your skill, then this opportunity might be right for you.

The talented individual will become a vital part of our data recovery team and will focus on the recovery of critical lost data, due to hard drive crashes, server failure and or accidental file deletion. The individual will spend a significant amount of time on logical reconstruction of file systems and performing hard drive surgery in a clean room environment as well as cell phone data recovery. Additionally this individual will be part of R&D. Any experience in C/C++ , ARM, ASM, JTAG, Logic Analyzers, Oscilloscopes will be beneficial. This will be a career with many rewarding benefits and technical challenges. The desired individual for this position needs to be a highly motivated problem solver with a great passion for technology.


• Health Insurance
• Dental Insurance
• 401K
• Growth potential

How to Apply:

In the first instance, please send a cover letter that describes in detail what your abilities are, and where you are particularly skilled, as well as your resume and salary requirements. Please send your application to

P.S. This is not a staffing agency, but a direct hire for a position in Florida. Salary is dependent on qualification and experience.
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