Wanted: Cheap thermal receipt printer

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Wanted: Cheap thermal receipt printer

Postby Grayda » August 27th, 2012, 12:05 am

This is more of a time-saving thing at work than for a hack, but I'm after a receipt printer that accepts standard (as in, readily available) thermal paper. I regularly enter computer details into a database then write a post-it note for each one, which is very time-consuming, so a TRP would save me a lot of time every week. The cheapest I've seen on eBay is AUD $80 + AUD $20 shipping (to Australia) but frankly this is too much for my use.

USB would be preferred, but I could deal with serial or parallel port if it connects to a Win7 machine just fine.
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Re: Wanted: Cheap thermal receipt printer

Postby rkward » September 10th, 2012, 9:19 pm

Maybe you know about this one already but it seems reasonably priced as well as shipping to AUS. Adafruit only carries good stuff you know.

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