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Design Company

Postby MartinsElectronics » October 3rd, 2017, 9:04 am

Hi there,

We are a UK company whom specialise in product design, we are able to produce mechanical, electronics and firmware. We can also produce low cost prototypes using in house technologies such as 3D printing, PCB layouts, machining etc.
We have far reaching skill sets within the engineering discipline, from Electronics, firmware and mechanical design with vision, creativity and dedication we bring new products and innovations to life.
my experience has seen me working within the film and TV industry's producing animatronic creatures and devices. MOD and Thales projects, putting new inventions into air, sea and land. Control equipment for F1 motorsports in the heat of the action. Medical equipment into the US health care markets. Wearable electronics into the fashion market.
Please get in contact if we can be of any help in your next project
Kind regards
Martins Electronics Ltd
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