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Rfid help!! just getting started

PostPosted: July 24th, 2017, 3:48 pm
by windyy
I have a Wigand 26 reader and I am reading Em Marin 4100 key fobs from work to clone it for a friend who has lost theirs, the data I receive from the reader is a 10 digit hex a 44 binary and a facility and card numbers. e.g. card: 2007961cca, FC = 203, CC = 3685, BIN: 00000010000000000111100101100001110011001010. I then tried to write a new fob on a duplicator machine called smart card deluxe. to write the new fob the smart card deluxe wanted the 10 digit hex. when I punched in the hex numbers and wrote the fob it didn't work. I then used a different reader to read the fob and it gave me a hex value of 00F0-CBOE65. I quickly realised CBOE65 is the hex value of the facility and card number. I used this 10 digit hex to write new fob and it worked I just don't understand the reason for different hex values and were the 0F00 come from on the second reader any information would be really appreciated. I also Know how to break the binary up into 26 format nd change it to hex i just don't know were the 0F00 come from as it must be important.