For a deaf cat - a vibrating collar attachment

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For a deaf cat - a vibrating collar attachment

Postby Grayda » September 5th, 2015, 6:18 am

We've discovered that our cat (who has FIV) is deaf. He's a bit skittish and we hate to scare him when we go to wake him in the morning for breakfast, so we've tried a few things, including stomping (concrete floors. No good), banging the walls to cause vibrations (again, concrete floors, doesn't do much), blowing air at him (somewhat successful) and even throwing small items at him (e.g. tiny beads that provide enough force to gently wake him without scaring him)

I've looked online, and you can buy vibrating collars, but they're in the range of $200 AUD, which is far too expensive for our simple needs. So I thought about making one out of something like TinyDuino, but I don't know enough about electronics to do it. I'm happy to do the programming and enclosure myself, but I'm just after a tiny battery powered, bluetooth unit that I can strap to his collar in order to catch his attention so we don't scare him half to death when we walk out into the loungeroom in the morning.

Can anyone help out?
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Re: For a deaf cat - a vibrating collar attachment

Postby k-ww » September 5th, 2015, 11:11 am

Too high tech - small microphone, tuned audio band pass filter, vibrating motor. Just whistle at the right pitch and it will 'hear' you. Add a LED in parallel with the motor so you know when you're 'on key'.
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Re: For a deaf cat - a vibrating collar attachment

Postby AnalogAnomaly » October 27th, 2015, 12:24 am

old post, but as the HaD main-site is experiencing issues, i figured i'd pop on the forums, this caught my eye. If you haven't solved the issue have you considered re purposing the receiver and pager motor from an old tiny RC car like say RadioShack's ZipZaps? if you don't mind tearing one down and putting it in your own enclosure it's a $20usd solution at most. Super-gluing something on to the end of the pager motor (keep the gear it connects to!) will of course increase the amount of vibration. old cell phone vibrating motors with per-attached weights can likely be used in their place as well.

P.S. Fuse clips work great for mounting pager motors.

Obviously there are better ways and a little time researching and learning will net you a cleaner more purpose-driven result. But for quick and dirty, re-purposing old hardware works just fine.

if you want bluetooth though, you'll be spending more both in time and money.
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