Locating tracking device

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Locating tracking device

Postby loserville929 » July 11th, 2015, 10:54 pm

I have some cars that have tracking devices (I'm assuming they are on cellular networks) on them. And I want to be able to somehow connect to the tracking device so that I can get it's location. Once I get it's location, I will be able to get the tracking device off my car. I don't want to use a RF detector to locate because it's too sensitive and it makes it very difficult for me to pinpoint the tracking device's location.

I wanted to use a femtocell so that I can be able to have the tracking device connect to the femtocell. And from there I wanted to be able to use the femtocell's firmware/software so that I can get it's location. I want to be able to target all cellular networks and the only way I can do that with femtocells is getting a femtocell for each cellular network(CDMA, GSM, etc).

I'm not even entirely sure how tracking devices work with femtocells, so I need to test it out. If I could just get the tracking device to connect to the femtocell, that is progress for me.

If anyone has any experience with femtocells, cellular networks, or tracking devices, please comment. Or if you can direct me to someone that has more information on this, it would be a big help for me. If you think there's another way or easier way to do this, then please share.

Thank you in advance
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