UK Electronic Project - Design + Fab needed!

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UK Electronic Project - Design + Fab needed!

Postby PaulMcGuinness » December 20th, 2012, 9:30 am

Hi All,

I am working with a friend to take a product to market, and am looking for a Prototype and low-volume fabrication.

Project 1:
A simple PCB that provides 5 x clean 5vdc/500mA outputs from a 110/220 input. The input should be a standard figure-8 power lead, and the outputs via surface-mount connectors (to be defined later). Must be designed so that it would pass CE and equivalent USA standards.

I need a cost for: 1 x Design, 1x/10x/100x Fabrication

Project 2:
Simple "Breathing" LED circuit that could connect to the above board, but would only start 'Breathing' when it detected current drain from *any* of the 5 outputs.

This is a serious project, with actual money involved :-)

We are based in Essex, UK - and would ideally like to deal with a local individual/company.

Please PM me for details.
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